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Trust (2)

Aktualisiert: 8. Feb. 2022

In my second nugget on TRUST I am sharing the ABCD Trust Model by Ken Blanchard with you.

Trust truly is the foundation of every relationship and the foundation for building a high performing team. More on this in a future nugget when I speak about Patrick Lencioni’s book “The five Dysfunctions of a Team”.

As depicted in the image (a flipchart of one of my early workshops), trust is created when you are seen as being Able, Believable, Connected and Dependable. So, let’s look at the individual attributes:

Able is about the competence you demonstrate in your role. Are you really good at what you do? Are you getting quality results? Are you using your skills to assist others? Do you continue to develop your skills?

You are Believable when you are seen as someone who is acting with integrity. Do you admit when you are wrong? Are you sincere and nonjudgmental? Are you honest and show respect when interacting with your peers and team members? Do you keep confidences?

Being Connected is all about caring for others. How much interest are you showing in others? Are you sharing about yourself? How well do you listen? Praise others for what they are doing well? Are you showing empathy for others and work well with different types of people?

You are seen as Dependable when you maintain reliability. This is all about doing what you say you will do, being timely, responsive and organized. How consistent are you? Are you following up even when it is uncomfortable?

I am happy to share a self-assessment questionnaire with you with which you can put yourself to the test. How am I scoring in these four quadrants? Interested? Send me a note at

Wishing you a successful week with confidence … Claudia

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