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Solution Circle©

Solution Circle©  for new managers


You have recently been appointed to a management position – naturally you want to make a success of it and make an impression with your team and line managers. In your new role, from day one, you may be confronted with tricky situations and need to master a skill – “MANAGEMENT” – which you may not have been trained for.  What to do?

Traditional forms of training such as in-person 2-day- or week-long management training courses are a thing of the past.

Today’s working environment and new forms of working together call for a departure from the traditional and the introduction of the SOLUTION CIRCLE©.





A group of professionals

  • who are committed to and invest in their personal and professional development

  • who want to share their knowledge and experience

  • who want to be inspired so they can inspire others

  • who want to find solutions to every day issues both big and small

  • who have a desire to improve their skills and learn new things

What will you get as a participant?

  • You will feel more confident in your role and as a result be more successful

  • You will master a variety of leadership situations

  • Your development in the management role will be accelerated

  • You will extend your network with like-minded professionals

  • You will learn from the experience and knowledge of others





How does a SOLUTION CIRCLE© work?

  • Small curated groups (maximum 6 participants)

  • 6 months with 2 sessions à 90 minutes | month

  • In English or in German depending on participants


What does a SOLUTION CIRCLE© contain?

  • Every session will give you a management “nugget” followed by a discussion round to deepen your learning

  • 2 participants per session will be on the “hot seat” and benefit from the group’s combined powerful knowledge and will have their issue/problem/topic “fixed” – mastermind-style

  • Sessions are highly structured and facilitated – I will ensure that EVERYONE takes something away

What are the participant rules of a SOLUTION CIRCLE©?

  • Absolute confidentiality unless agreed otherwise as a group

  • Regular participation

  • On camera presence in sessions

  • Commitment to support other members of the group with your knowledge and experience




starts on January 12th, 2021


What is the investment?



  • 30-minute interview and evaluation

  • 12 sessions à 90 minutes over 6 months

  • 6 months membership “aftercare”

  • Reduced rate for future one-to-one coaching sessions

 € 1.597*

*) Prices are quoted before VAT

Accelerator Package

  • 30-minute interview and evaluation

  • 12 sessions à 90 minutes over 6 months

  • 1 one-to-one coaching session after 2 months

  • 12 months membership “aftercare”

  • Reduced rate for future one-to-one coaching sessions

€ 1.947*

*) Prices are quoted before VAT


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