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Leadership Excellence

Successful Leadership is not a coincidence. Leadership skills can be improved.

But where and how to start?


"You can only lead others if you can lead yourself."  (Peter Drucker)

To well manage yourself, you have to know yourself well. Your values, your emotions, your needs, your limits. Knowing yourself enables you to set realistic goals for yourself and discover ways to achieve them. Knowing yourself creates an inner anchor, creates resilience and enables you to successfully deal with uncertainties and challenges in times of change. You can make and communicate decisions with conviction. Employees will follow such a “guiding light” provided that you take them with you emotionally.


Coaching will challenge you and provide you with insight and outlook that ultimately guide you towards success.  Coaching is the method of choice to foster personal development and to achieve lasting results.

I am happy to provide more insight and explain my approach and methodology.



Like all clients every coaching process and its duration is different.

For a “deep dive” and faster action I offer:


The Leadership Excellence Package

Through combining several diagnostics tools with in-depth conversation, you will be able to position yourself where you know how to initiate lasting change. You will develop a well-rounded, in-depth look at yourself and a recipe how to tackle future leadership challenges.

This intensive program provides you with valuable insight into yourself and how you are seen by those around you, your stakeholders. Together, we work out how we can use these findings and translate them into future leadership success.

During a two-hour conversation, we will define your personal coaching goals and determine how we will work together going forward. You decide who you nominate for the stakeholder feedback included in the package.

3 diagnostic tools are included:

  • profilingvalues©
    A highly developed scientific diagnostics-tool which ascertains your values, computes your individual potential and defines how you put this into use – simply put, a snapshot of your skills, competencies and what you focus on.

  • Stakeholder Feedback
    The perception of you by others. The opinion of your most important stakeholders gained from personal interviews, undertaken, with your consent, by myself.

    Your self-image. This instrument shows your behavioral preferences and your motivational factors.


I use the results gained from these instruments to produce a detailed, comprehensive, personal report which is for your eyes only and completely confidential.

Over one day (2 x 3 hours), we explore in depth the results of your assessments, reflect on them and draw up an action plan for how you can utilize your insights for your future activities.


Our work together does not have to end here. You have the option to continue working with me – for as long as you find it beneficial.

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