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Are you radiating Leadership? – yes, this can be measured


Do I enjoy leading? How am I doing in my leadership role?


A healthy level of self-confidence, success, goal orientation, empathy and a balanced focus on these competencies can be felt by those around you.


The good news: profilingvalues© can measure where you stand in this regard AND all these competencies can be enhanced.


profilingvalues© is a highly developed scientific diagnostics-tool which ascertains your values, computes your individual potential and shows how you put this into use. In other words, it shows your current abilities and your focus on these. It can also help you appreciate if you are in the right role professionally, how much pressure you currently feel and how you handle it. You receive an inventory about yourself and determine your next steps.

profilingvalues© is different to other assessments on the market and is based on value metrics. Inner values inform our behaviour and lead to our personal actions.


If this sounds a little technical and perhaps confusing, I am happy to offer a more detailed explanation in a personal meeting.




My profilingvalues©-Package:

  • YOU conduct the analysis online (ca. 20 minutes) after I provide you with an access code

  • I analyse the results and prepare a comprehensive report

  • WE have a debriefing session and jointly develop the next steps for you
    € 900,-- plus VAT



Our work together does not have to end here. You have the option to continue working with me – for as long as you find it beneficial.

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