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Your Team

Team Development Workshop

A Team without “background noise”.

Is your team in the discovery phase?

Are there major changes in your team?

Are your teams treading water?

Are your team members not pulling together?


Complex topics and differing personalities require collaboration without internal or external interference to achieve focused optimal results without “background noise”.


After a team development workshop, your team approaches topics in a more focused, reflected and motivated manner; trust within the team has increased and “background noise” has disappeared.


Together we tailor your team development workshop to your needs, find out what you want to achieve and set goals for the workshop.


To find out whether my concepts and your ideas are a good fit, let's talk;





Here is what your team development workshop could look like:

Team Developement Workshop mit INSIGHTS MDI®


The use of the diagnostic tool INSIGHTS MDI® has been tried and tested as the basis for effective communication and facilitation of constructive, respectful cooperation. The participants better understand themselves, their behaviours, motivators, and communication preferences. On this basis they can develop an understanding of the needs of others to better collaborate and interact.

I create a team report from the individual results of each team member.

During team development workshops over one or more days, we work with models created by Patrick Lencioni (The 5 dysfunctions of a team) and the diagnostic results; we look at the team’s communication based on the "principles of appreciative communication" and activate all team members.

After the workshop there is still work to be done. After an agreed period, we carry-out feedback sessions with the team in order to review lessons learned and deepen the results achieved.


Our work together does not have to end here. The participants will have the option to continue working with me – for as long as they find it beneficial.

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