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New at the TOP! 


You have been promoted or changed employers and are facing a new challenge?  

Your new environment and new team are still unfamiliar?

You feel the pressure of high expectations that are placed on you?


Benefit from working with a professional who partners with you to make your new role a success. You define what success means to you.

With close personal and bespoke support, you will increase the impact you have in your new role and shorten your “ramp-up” time. This is your fast track to meaningful, productive work and creating strong bonds with your team.


You will find that I listen, provide inspiration, advice, and share my expertise with you. From personal experience I know the enormous challenges a new role brings with it and what it means to form a strong, high performing team on a local or international level.

Onboarding – for me is a cross between coaching and consulting – a partnership of equals.



After looking at your current situation and defining your goals, we will define the process and duration for our work together – then we are ready to go!

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