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Management Training


Enjoy your Management Role


“Germany's executives feel burdened and unsettled” – a quote from the Bertelsmann Foundation's press release on a recently published study.

What to do? 


Uncertainty can arise if you do not yet feel at home in the leadership role or you are given additional areas of responsibility. Uncertainty leads to increased mental stress and affects your attitude towards employees. This is how a negative spiral can be started. It's no secret that a department's top performers are often promoted unprepared. As a result, in the worst-case scenario, the company has one less top performer and one more poor manager.

By demystifying and clarifying the leadership role, reflecting, getting to know and practicing communication models and management tools, you gain confidence in your role and inspiration and strength for successful, future leadership.

"No time for training courses"? - No problem: My modular approach of four-hour long modules every two weeks gives you time to reflect on and apply learned behaviors and tools. 

Management Training


The content of the modules described below is an example which can be supplemented with a wide variety of other topics. All modules contain theoretical input, team coaching as well as reflective and practical elements.


Module 1

Expectations | burning issues

Management – Why is this so important?

How do I find my leadership style?

Communication - basics and communication models


Module 2

Review Module 1

Team Communication

Innovative approach to Performance Reviews

Setting Goals (SMART)


Module 3

Review Module 2

Feedback-Rules and Feedback-Models

Communication – Trust

Difficult Conversations - Preparation


Module 4

Review Module 3

Difficult Conversations - Structure

Difficult Conversations – live


To ensure the transfer of learning into day-to-day-practice, I recommend “aftercare” in the form of

1: 1 coaching sessions. During these sessions, the content of the workshops will be deepened, and the participants will develop solutions that promote and support the implementation of what they have learned in their daily work. It is not unusual for these coaching sessions to also help with managing current issues. 

Interested to find out more about my training concepts? Then let's talk and


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