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Thinking about my word for the year 2024 I centered on KINDNESS.


Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, considerate and compassionate towards others. With this definition in mind it is obvious how it contributes to creating a positive and productive work environment, and why kindness relates to leadership in many ways.


o   When leaders show genuine care and concern for others, it builds trust and strengthens relationships within the team.

o   Acts of kindness, whether big or small, can significantly boost team morale.

o   When leaders model kindness, it sets the tone for the entire organization and fosters a positive work culture.

o   Kindness improves communication – kind leaders are generally more approachable and open, making it easier for team members to communicate their ideas and concerns.

o   Kindness is crucial to conflict resolution. Leaders who approach conflicts with empathy and understanding can help diffuse tense situations. In a forthcoming nugget I will show how kindness is linked to the Rosenberg-model of “non-violent communication” (NVC)

o   …


You can see, kindness is a fundamental aspect of effective and compassionate leadership, and I invite you whether you formally lead people or not to reflect on your year and ask yourself when you have approached others and/or situations with kindness.

What does it take for you to be kind to others and yourself?


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