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Leading Yourself

I often get asked what I think is essential for leading in the current environment? Some of us may feel as if we are in a perfect storm.

As a leader you don’t need to just attain your goals quietly and contribute your share to the company goals. Amongst other responsibilities you want to lead, engage and retain your team so they feel they are contributing and growing. You need to be visible, so your team receives the praise they deserve. Additionally, amidst all of this you want to take care of yourself and your personal life.

I believe that taking care of yourself is one of the top priorities of a leader. I often use the image of a well. When it is full and holds sufficient water, it can serve many people who rely on it. When it is empty, it serves no one. It is therefore pivotal for you to make sure that you are not an empty well and you retain your ability to show up with empathy, presence and energy.

Taking care of oneself sounds easy and it takes different forms for different people. To find out what it means for you you must know yourself, your values, your needs, your goals in life, your priorities.

Here are some tips on how you can get started:

o Find out what your true values are, what motivates you, and how your daily actions and decisions are informed by these drivers

o Observe yourself in different situations and try to dig deeper (“this makes me happy/angry/anxious … why?”)

o Evaluate different aspects of your life (family & friends, health, money, career, fun and leisure, etc.) – the well-known tool the “Wheel of Life” can offer a starting point here

o Identify who and what gives you energy and puts you on a high, and who or what drains your energy


Leaders who know themselves really well and are honest with themselves do not need to put on a show for others as they lead with confidence and authenticity. They are not aggressive or intimidating. They have the peace of mind to observe themselves and know how to react in uncomfortable situations.

After reading this and some of the previous nuggets: What is your first step to get to know yourself better?

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